Mansion Block Conversion

Mansion Block Loft Conversion

Mansion block flats are beautiful properties to renovate, chock full of traditional authenticity and character – plus of course they’re ideal for extending. Mansion flats are particularly found in the Oxford, Abingdon and surrounding areas and often have stunning, often ornate exteriors. If you own a mansion block property and are looking to spruce it up and expand the available living space, then why not consider a mansion block loft conversion with R&B Builders.

Loft Extensions
Mansion block conversions allow you to add a loft extension to your apartment which is fantastic but it’s not always an easy process, especially as you have to keep every neighbour happy at the same time. Here at R&B Builders we can assist you at every stage to make sure everything runs smoothly, whilst keeping quality high and costs reasonable.

Do I need planning permission for a Mansion Block Conversion?

To divide up a large mansion house into multiple flats you will need to get planning permission. 

Listed Building
If the property is a listed building then there’s a high chance you’ll need listed building consent as well, so contact your local council’s planning department for advice before work starts.
If work is carried out to a listed building without consent which affects its special historic character then you could end up in legal hot water.

Conservation Area
Additionally, if the property is in a conservation area and your planned work includes some demolition, then you may need to apply for planning permission to demolish in a conservation area. Again, contact your local planning authority for advice.

Although mansion block loft conversions are exciting and can add substantial value, the actual physical process can be taxing, due mostly to the sheer size of the property. At R&B Builders we have a large and diverse team of hugely experienced builders and engineers that have the tools and know-how to work with even the most complicated structures. Naturally we are fully insured and adhere to toughest health and safety requirements and best practice.

Why choose R&B Builders for your Mansion Block Conversion

Mansion block conversions are substantial projects and require expert design and craftsmanship. R&B Builders are experts in the field and are pleased to use our years of experience to offer top standard work at the very best price.

If you’ve got a burning ambition to convert one or more mansion blocks, please do get in touch with us at R&B Builders, either by visiting our contact page or by calling us direct on 07796 557206 or 01865 391313.

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