Home Extension How To Guide

Home Extension How To Guide

Serving the Oxford, Abingdon and surrounding areas, a beautifully designed home extension from R&B Builders can turn any property into an attractive, bright, comfortable home. Not only would it create a stunning new living space that not only transforms the way you live, but adds value too.

But where do you start and what needs to be considered? Take a look at our quick guide to help.

Find out if you need Planning Permission

Certain single storey and some multi storey extensions are allowed under permitted development rights, which removes the need for you to submit a formal planning application. However, your extension plans must fit within a particular set of criteria relating to:
– height
– use
– size
– materials
– orientation
If it doesn’t adhere to the rules, you will need to make a full planning application after all. Take a look at the government’s
Planning Portal for further information.

Decide on what you want to Spend

Choosing a budget is important. We understand that for some people talking about money with your builder is an uncomfortable prospect, but it’s vital that you’re honest so that we can realistically talk to you about the possibilities. At R&B Builders we always aim to give all our building work the ‘wow factor’ at the very best price possible.

Think about Access

If you’re having a side or rear home extension built and live in a semi-detached or terraced property, then getting our vehicles and materials onto the site could pose problems. Often we can get around these by bringing items through your existing building or by manually digging foundations but obviously these options aren’t ideal and are often time-consuming and costly so will need to be factored in.

Boundaries and Party Walls

A lot of our home extension projects will involve at least one party wall or boundary with your neighbour(s). When this is the case, the project will come under the regulations of the Party Wall Act – so you will need to speak to your neighbours about your plans as soon as possible.

Where are the Drains?

If there is already a drainage route underneath or close to the piece of land you want to build your extension on, this might well need to be moved. In cases where this is a public sewer or is shared, then you’ll need to get in touch with Thames Water (the supplier for the Oxford and Abingdon area) to obtain their permission to make any alterations.

Extension Insurance

Most standard buildings insurance policies will not cover your property whilst the building work for your home extension is being carried out. This means you’ll need to buy a policy from a specialist insurance company which should cover it. We can advise on this where necessary.

Let R&B Help

Here at R&B Builders, we know that navigating the process of creating your dream home extension can be more than a little daunting. But thanks to our years of experience, we can guide you every step of the way, from planning to completion.

If you live in the Oxford or Abingdon areas, speak to us today and bring your extension ideas to life.

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